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Utilize Our Unsurpassed Global Connections in Marketing Expertise that Reaches the Maximum Wealthy Buying Candidates Worldwide for You!


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Discover Selling With Ease & Gain Certainty In Uncertain Markets


When you utilize our high-impact international strategy that effectively reaches the maximum number of the world's most affluent citizenry, you can gain access to our most comprehensive luxury real estate network with over 6,000+ offices worldwide.  Your property will be conveyed internationally through 199 countries and conveyed into 52 languages through our partnerships and connections who reach buying candidates worldwide who can write a check for what you possess.


You can reach well over 100+ million people/month worldwide - to your advantage.


Gain your optimum outcome with the sale of your property through the most in-depth connections, worldwide.  Utilize the #1 Tract record to achieve your desired results.  Gain the competitive advantage and gain the attention and world-wide visibility your property deserves!


Note, see “Red Arrow Map” with regards to some of the properties in the Port Royal area in which James E. Forrest has been involved.


Contact us for a free no-obligation market evaluation for your property.